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Karl Malone asked out of the 1998 All-Star game because Kobe Bryant told him to 'get out of my way'

And he's never stopped asking teammates to do so since.

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Over what will be a 20-year career at the end of the 2015-16 NBA season, Kobe Bryant has had countless memorable moments that have built the myth and legend of one of the greatest players in Los Angeles Lakers and NBA history. Throughout his years in the league, Bryant has been known as a difficult teammate as well as someone who is supremely confident in himself.

One of the earliest demonstrations of these tendencies of Bryant's was when he memorably waved off screens from Karl Malone in the 1998 All-Star game, Bryant's first appearance in the event. Kobe's coach that night was current Sacramento Kings head coach George Karl, who were in town to take on the Lakers for the third time this season on Wednesday night.

Before the game, Karl was asked about the exchange between Bryant and Malone, and he confirmed that Malone was less than pleased with a first-time All-Star not wanting his help:

Given that Bryant and Malone would later not have the best relationship as teammates, this moment served as a strange kind of foreshadowing for that rockiness. Also, remembering a young Kobe displaying the same confidence he still exhibits in the final year of his career is a fun memory, and shows how some things never change.

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