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NBA players try to name things they could beat Kobe Bryant at

and do not sound confident that beating Kobe at anything is possible.

Kobe Bryant is not only one of the best players in Los Angeles Lakers history, but NBA history as well. However, the 37-year-old guard/forward has struggled a fair amount in his 20th NBA season, posting easily the worst field goal percentage of his career while shooting 35% from the field during the 2015-16 season. Bryant is additionally battling injuries to his surgically repaired shoulder and his right Achilles tendon.

Despite these issues, Bryant (who is still far and away the leader in All-Star votes as of the second voting returns) is one of the best basketball players to ever play the game, leaving very few NBA players willing to publicly challenge him to a battle on the court out of deference to his illustrious career.

However, that doesn't mean Kobe's fellow pros think they could lose to him in everything, as this video from Jacob Eisenberg of The Daily Bracket makes clear (well, unless they are Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre):

So for those scoring at home, Nick Young thinks he is better looking than Bryant, Larry Nance, Jr. thinks he could beat him at video games while ribbing Kobe about his age, and Byron Scott says he would be able to take Bryant on the golf course. Oh, and Robert Sacre and Ryan Kelly don't think they could beat him at anything. Sounds like those two might have heard they are soft as Charmin just a few too many times.

Stats per Basketball Reference

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