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Lakers rookie Larry Nance, Jr. tweets he is going to dunk on someone, which is probably true

The rest of the NBA needs to watch their heads.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Nance, Jr has made no secret of his excitement to be drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers, and despite that some old tweets got him into a bit of hot water to start off his relationship with fans, Nance has not been shy about interacting with them on social media.

On Tuesday, Nance was asked if he saw himself dunking on anyone this season, and the rookie was as confident as he is bouncy:

Nance's confidence is probably not misplaced either. Here he is taking off from just a step inside the free throw line in college at Wyoming to throw down on some poor guys head:

That was just disrespectful. Look at where he took off from!

And while this is not a dunk, Nance showed off his hops to eager, Larry-chanting Lakers fans during Las Vegas Summer League, when he obliterated Jahlil Okafor's shot so violently that Nance initially thought he had broken his own hand:

Those sounds you just heard? That was notorious poster magnets Brandon Knight and Kendrick Perkins yelping in fear, terrified of being the next Nance dunk victim.

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