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Kevin Durant has three Lakers in his all-time starting five

It sounds like Kevin Durant is a fan of players who have worn the purple and gold armor.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

NBA player impressionsKobe Bryant's NBA 2K ratingDodger first pitches, and D'Angelo Russell's dog pooping. We are in the dog days of the NBA offseason, patiently waiting for the Los Angeles Lakers to kick off their training camp in Hawaii on September 29th. So what better to discuss than one of the best players in the league and his rankings of the best players of all-time?

The Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant gave us the opportunity to do just that when he named who he would put in his own personal all-time starting five in an exclusive interview with Spanish language NBA site NBA Maniacs (h/t to CBS Sports):

Finally, many of your supporters have asked us to ask you about your ideal team in NBA history.

Well, good question. I would stay with Magic Johnson as a basis for their exceptional height, vision and be a triple-double machine. As guard Kobe Bryant is a legend and five-time champion. It's been half-life in the NBA! Michael Jordan like three. Sorry for Larry Bird , but I have to let him out for Kobe. As a power forward is difficult, between Karl Malone, Tim Duncan ... I stay with Tim Duncan . For longevity, the securities and the impact it has had and still has on the court. And Shaquille O'Neal as a dominant power forward.

For those of you keeping score at home, that is Kevin Durant, the crown jewel of 2016's much vaunted free agency period, naming three Lakers legends to his ideal NBA team. It would be irresponsible to speculate based on some trivial information like this that Durant to the Lakers is a done deal. That being said, it is still fun to read way too much into this soundbite until we have real basketball to talk about!

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