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Watch Kobe Bryant hit some crazy 3's to get ready for Lakers training camp

Some of the toughest shots of Kobe's 19-year career.

Throughout the team's illustrious history, the Los Angeles Lakers' star players have always had a signature move -- an image we associate with them as soon as we recall their name. For Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, it was the sweeping sky-hook. Magic Johnson had the no-look pass. Shaquille O'Neal just dunked all over people because they couldn't stop him. For Kobe Bryant, it is the crazy, clock running down, three men draped all over him fade-away jumper.

Yes, those ludicrous shots that have the whole arena shouting "NO, NO, NO, YES!!!!" Despite shooting only 33.4 percent on three-pointers through his career, Kobe sure doesn't like to make his long range attempts easy on himself, and has taken enough ludicrously difficult ones for an entire video highlight reel, as it would happen.

So as Kobe is about to go through his 20th and quite possibly final media day today, in honor of his illustrious career, let's take a look back down memory lane at just a handful of the craziest shots the man who calls himself "the Black Mamba" has not only hit, but had the audacity to attempt in actual NBA games:

Let's hope we get one or two more of these before Kobe hangs up his sneakers and heads off to his next ventures.

Did your favorite Kobe shot make the cut? Let's reminisce together in the comments!

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