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SS&R Fantasy League 2015: Signups

Silver Screen & Roll is gearing up for it's 4th season of Fantasy Basketball, and we are looking for a couple more managers to make this season the best one yet.

With Lakers training camp just around the corner, one thing comes to mind to a select few of us. If you are a fantasy junkie, it means that fantasy basketball is about to begin. Silver Screen & Roll is gearing up for it's fourth season, and is looking for a few members who would be interested in joining our active league.

Last year we had a 16 team league and are currently 4 teams short of that mark. Depending on how many members are interested in joining this year's league, we may look to keep at it 16 or expand to 20 and decrease the roster size. If you are interested in joining this year's fantasy league, please comment below with your email so that I can send you an invite.

The current league roster consists of 2 guards, 2 forwards, 1 center, 1 utility and 3 bench players. It is a head-to-head league with the scoring categories being: FG%, FT%, 3PT%, points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks & TO's (although I am seriously considering changing 3PT% to 3 pointers made). If you have any other questions about the league settings please leave a comment below.

Here is a link to the league's home page.

Current managers include:


We try to make this a fun and active league. We post weekly FanPosts where trades, matchups, etc. are discussed. So, if you are at all interested, we would love to have a few more managers. As soon as teams are finalized, we will have a FanPost created to discuss draft time, rivals & schedule among other things.

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