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Byron Scott is your dad trying to be cool

"What are the kids into today? I know! Dubsmash!"

Los Angeles Lakers' head coach Byron Scott has been described by his fans, detractors, and most of all himself as "old-school." There have been some that have worried over the summer that this mindset will not gel as well with a team full of younger players. How will Scott connect with all of the "kids" on the current Lakers' roster?

Well, in the long tradition of coaches trying to relate to players that are a lot younger than them (we see you Brian Shaw with your rapping scouting reports and books on relating to millennials), Scott has tried to do something the kids these days are into. No, he is not going to look for the Lakers to shoot more threes. Instead, like many dads before him, Scott has watched what young people are doing on the internet and tried it himself, making a cameo in this dubsmash video of Ty Doll $ign's song "Paranoid" on Instagram:

Hey, whatever you think of Scott as a coach, that was way less awkward than I expected. Byron really sold it, and the lipsync was not bad. No word yet on whether or not this will become a thing the whole coaching staff will do, but I for one cannot wait for Mark Madsen's take on the Weeknd's hit single "Can't Feel My Face."

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