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Kobe Bryant does something awesome in the new FIFA '16 commercial


It's just about time for the latest iteration of FIFA to drop on gamers, and noted fútbol enthusiast Kobe Bryant decided he'd make a cameo in the official TV commercial for the franchise. Here he is showing off his sniper-like footy precision with a full-court shot for the ages:

(h/t @Steve_OS)

WHAT!? Excuse me while I refuse to believe Kobe kicking that shot in is anything but 100 percent real. Just like him jumping over cars was back in the day. And hey, this is pretty awesome if we recall what Robert Horry said about Kobe just a few months ago:

He would never stop. It was incredible. He practiced until one day, a couple months later, he finally won. If you literally said, "Kobe, I bet you can't make five in a row by dropping the ball and kicking it in from half court," that motherfucker would go out there and practice it until he could do it.

Perhaps it's just the latest challenge he took up with Messi. Here's the full spot for the game, if you're interested in more than an (awesome) six-second clip of the Mamba:

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