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Michael Jordan says he loves Kobe Bryant even though he stole all of his moves

Add Michael Jordan to those who say Kobe Bryant copied everything he did.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant has been compared to Michael Jordan for most of his 19-year career. There have been multiple volumes of highlight videos comparing the two side by side, countless posts written on what Kobe can learn from MJ.

The latest person to compare the two is Jordan himself, speaking from his basketball camp in Santa Barbara, Calfornia (as transcribed by ESPN).

First, Jordan had some nice things to say about Kobe:What kind of advice would I give Kobe Bryant?
[Uncomfortable laughter in the crowd.]

"Actually, Kobe and I are good friends. I like Kobe, we talk a lot, I hope he comes back healthy. I think he's one of the great players of the game, I think he's done a lot for the game, and he has a true love for the game of basketball. I absolutely have high regard for Kobe Bryant.

But like the insane competitor he is, Jordan could not resist getting at least one dig in at Bryant as well:

"Even though he stole all my moves, but that's OK. I still love him like a brother."

Bryant and Jordan may have very similar games, but no one can say Kobe stole "all" his moves from Jordan. For one, he learned his fadeaway jumper from watching cheetahs on the Discovery Channel. Unless that cheetah learned how to hunt from watching the 1992 NBA Finals, Bryant is in the clear for that one.

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