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Kobe Bryant gets a very special cup of coffee in China

I hope Kobe doesn't spill this coffee.

Kobe Bryant is travelling about China for his Rise tour with Nike, and that kind of travelling can really wear a guy out. There's nothing quite like a fresh cup of coffee to keep the gears churning, and Kobe got a little surprise when he was handed his heavenly cup of joe (via his Instagram account):


Yes, that's the Black Mamba's "Sheath" logo carefully crafted on top of his coffee. Surprising? Definitely. Could this have been so much more, though?

Now I'm not saying this isn't impressive -- as someone who probably couldn't draw a square on top of my coffee I'm jealous of the craftsmanship -- but what about Kobe linking up with a 3D latte foam artist? Yes, those exist:

I'll have a grande Kobe posterizing Dwight Howard, and a venti Mamba jaw jut. On that last part of the order, if I could get extra chin on the foam and a death stare on the side, that'd be appreciated.

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