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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant tweets that criticism doesn't affect him

Critiques (and inflatable mascots) do not phase the Black Mamba.

What do Milwaukee Bucks' mascot Bango and the average Twitter troll have in common? Well according to Kobe Bryant's latest tweet, neither of them are enough to even make him break stride:

Here is the tweet Bryant quoted, in case you do not want to click on it:

It is not entirely accurate, though, for Kobe to say he does not respond to people who criticize him though. As we have seen, he usually tries to teach them how to count:

Most NBA players repeat platitudes about not caring about criticism or not keeping up with "the noise" around the team, but Kobe is one of the first this author has personally seen do so with a gif of himself. In fact, this could be (but probably is not) an extension of Bryant's twitter exchange with rookie D'Angelo Russell after Russell tweeted that Tracy McGrady might have been the best player of all time.

Oh, the NBA offseason, where tweets are breaking news. October cannot get here soon enough.

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