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Kobe Bryant wants to 'shock the world' with D'Angelo Russell, tweets him it's all love

Nothing brings Kobe Bryant and D'Angelo Russell together like... Tracy McGrady?

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

We have been waiting for it ever since D'Angelo Russell tweeted that Tracy McGrady might have been the greatest player of all time on Thursday and it finally happened: Russell teammate, McGrady contemporary, and man who probably thinks of himself as the GOAT, Kobe Bryant, finally responded and he only needed one emoji to do it:

Not so shockingly, Kobe is not that angry that his 19-year old teammate tweeted something complimentary about another player. Still, Russell wanted to make sure Bryant knew he did not want to start the next "Shaq-Kobe" or "Kobe-Dwight Howard" feud:

Kobe sounded fine with Russell having his own opinions, and just wants to focus on the upcoming season:

And it seems like Russell is ready to do the same:

So in summation, the two Lakers' stars had a calm and reasoned back and forth on Twitter. So the first time that has ever happened on Twitter, yet another record for the Black Mamba:

With D'Angelo and Kobe getting along this swimmingly, the secrets of the #KobeSystem will soon surely be passed down to the rookie.

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