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Shaq's all-time Lakers vs. Bulls Instagram gets Scottie Pippen riled up

Scottie Pippen showed his defensive prowess, so to speak.

Shaquille O'Neal, The Big Aristotle, decided it was time to get on Instagram and talk about legends because that's what legends do with their spare time. He pondered aloud to the crowd, would the all-time Los Angeles Lakers stomp on the all-time Chicago Bulls?


Yes, he concluded. By 50 points at that. Scottie Pippen decided to weigh in:


Which only led to Shaq doubling down and clowning on Pippen, whom he deemed a sidekick while telling him #youwereok and comparing him to Ma$e:


And a T-Mobile reference for the kicker:


To be fair, the all-time Lakers squad has a crazy amount of talent top to bottom and it's hard to imagine they'd survive Shaq, Kobe, Kareem, Elgin and Magic, but the world will never know.

All this needs is a Kobe Bryant Body Armor tweet and it's a certified classic exchange.

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