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This is how a D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle pick-and-roll can be super effective

This sequence from the Lakers' trio was so money in Vegas.

The Los Angeles Lakers didn't have a great showing during Las Vegas Summer League play, often looking completely out of sync. There were flashes from players, in stretches, but this group of talent only winning one game was evidence hey weren't executing on offense.

In the rare instances they did, though, it was hard not to get excited. Take this pick-and-roll sequence that featured D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson:

That's a pretty pass and the kind of action the Lakers' offense should feature plenty of next season. They can put any shooter in Clarkson's place to make this work. Let's take a closer look at why it's so effective.

Randle tries to set a screen but Russell's defender is already shooting under it. The help defender here is guarding over the top:

Because his defender went over the screen, Russell recognizes he can't get a clean shot off with Kevin Pangos chasing him. This creates a pocket for Russell to skip the pass through to Randle.


Russell has a tiny space to work with, but he whips an incredible pass that leads Randle into the paint. The sequence is beautiful, but that pass is something to behold:


The Jazz's defense has been compromised. Clarkson's man rotates in front of Randle to close off the restricted area, but that leaves Jordan alone in the corner:


This essentially becomes a practice shot. There's no one near Clarkson, who drains the spot-up three.


Put Lou Williams, Kobe Bryant, Nick Young -- whoever you want in the corner for the Lakers. Randle being the advanced passer he is at his position enables this to be the ideal kind of setup with the kind of talent the Lakers are gathering. It'll be important to find who their corner-three specialists will be, but they'll have plenty of wing options to work with.

When these players get more than a few minutes at a time together and are with their veteran counterparts, that familiarity should only grow once training camp begins.

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