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Jordan Hill says 'a lot of people can't handle' Kobe Bryant's jawing

What did Jordan Hill have to say about Kobe Bryant now that the two are no longer teammates?

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Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Jordan Hill signed a new deal with the Indiana Pacers worth a reported one-year and $5 million on Tuesday and was introduced to the local media. It was at this event that Hill told HoopsHabit's Shane Young that "a lot of people can't handle" Kobe Bryant's constant talking during practices and games:

Hill spent the better part of the last 4 seasons with the Lakers, and certainly would have had his fair share of experiences with Bryant's habits over that time. What one takes away from this quote is basically a Rorschach test of what one thinks of Bryant. For some, it will be used to reinforce the narrative that Bryant is a bad teammate that no one wants to play with, while others will see it as yet another example of Bryant's otherworldly competitive drive.

The truth, as always, is probably somewhere in the middle.


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