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Lakers want to make offers to both DeAndre Jordan and LaMarcus Aldridge, trying to clear cap space, according to report

The Lakers want to make cap space before making offers to both DeAndre Jordan and LaMarcus Aldridge.

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The Los Angeles Lakers are shooting for the stars in free agency, and executives around the league believe the Lakers are working to "offer free agent deals to" LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan in a single swoop, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. As they prepare their pitches to both big men, the front office is looking at cleaning up the outlook of the roster for additional flexibility.

The Lakers are moving quick to create "significantly more" additional salary space before free agency begins and are looking to unload contracts, according to Wojnarowski. LA is on track to have approximately $23 million in salary space this summer, but could look to make even more room to for roster upgrades heading into the summer.

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Nick Young is arguably the only player the team can move that has significant cap implications, taking up $5.2 million in the '15-16 season. Robert Sacre and Jabari Brown are on non-guaranteed contracts, while Ryan Kelly is signed for $1.7 million. There's not much salary the Lakers can create, as Kobe Bryant takes up the majority of their space at $25 million. The full salary breakdown can be seen over at HoopsHype.

Even if the Lakers manage to clear all of the salary above it would still leave them short of the ability to offer both players maximum-level deals, together. Clearing cap could be a part of the pitch, showing both players the room they'll have in free agency to continue adding onto the roster this summer.

If they're able to knock off all excess salary, there's a possibility the Lakers could float the idea of both big men joining the team on one-year deals (with an additional year as a player option) for as close to the max as possible, with a plan to re-up on brand new deals the following summer once Kobe's contract expires. Salary cap guru Eric Pincus also mentions that there could also be a sign-and-trade scenario with the Trail Blazers that could possibly bring both big men together in Los Angeles.

Free agency begins Tuesday at midnight ET, with the Lakers on deck to meet with Aldridge immediately.

UPDATE, 6/30 5:47 p.m. PT: Larry Coon, the master of the CBA FAQ, decided to break down the numbers on what the Lakers could do to create a path to Aldridge and Jordan. It's an unlikely scenario that requires the Lakers to either move Kobe Bryant's salary, or hope either both or one of the players is willing to sign a deal significantly under market value.

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