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NBA Free Agency: Kevin Love and LeBron James meeting spotted in Los Angeles

Smile! LeBron James and Kevin Love were spotted together.

Kevin Love and LeBron James both opted out of their contracts with the Cleveland Cavaliers, which has been the presumed outcome all season as they look to restructure their deals. Love's future with the Cavaliers is filled with speculation he'll look at his other options around the league, though, with the Los Angeles Lakers as one of the leading candidates.

It looks like LeBron might be working on bridging any gap with Love before free agency begins though, via Jensen Karp of Rolling Stone:

Yes, that's LeBron and Love together. A curious time for two basketbros to be hanging out, days before everything is officially up in the air. Was it a recruitment effort? LeBron's reportedly not planning on reaching out to Love during free agency, feeling like it should already be clear that he can be a part of "something special." Could this meeting just be a friendly gathering to reflect on how True Detective season 2 has been disappointing?

So maybe they awkwardly avoided the whole free agency spiel and chopped it up like two pals. Is it Wednesday yet?

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