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76ers file grievance against Lakers for Andrew Bynum trade, seek $3 million as compensation

Sounds like the Sixers are unhappy with the Lakers for more than just drafting D'Angelo Russell before they could.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers have filed a grievance with the NBA against the Los Angeles Lakers, alleging that the Lakers knew more about Andrew Bynum's injuries than they disclosed and asking for three million dollars as compensation, according to Howard Eskin of Fox 29 in Philadelphia. The Sixers acquired Bynum as the third team in the trade bringing Dwight Howard to Los Angeles in August of 2012, but the injury-prone center played zero games for the Sixers in his lone season there, sitting out all 82 games because of "complications" with his knee injury.

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The 76ers were recently ordered to cut a three million dollar check of their own to the New Orleans Pelicans as the result of a grievance the Pelicans had with them about a similar issue of non-disclosure of an injury, in this case related to the Sixers 2013 trade of Jrue Holiday to the Pelicans in exchange for the draft rights to Nerlens Noel, as reported by Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Enquirer. According to one of Pompey's sources with the Sixers, the team is not very happy with the Lakers allegedly doing something similar:

"They are saying the Lakers didn't disclose all of the information about Bynum's knees," one of the sources said. "They think they should be able to get some type of monetary resolution."

However, as Pompey notes in his next paragraph about the case of the Pelicans and Sixers:

Of course, the Pelicans and Sixers gave the incoming players physicals before the trades became official. Those physicals should have revealed that something was wrong.

The same thing is true in the case of the Bynum trade, as all trades in the NBA require the players to pass physicals, unless the teams waive that option. It will be interesting to hear whether the Lakers are forced to pay the Sixers or not, and go read Pompey's full report for an interesting look behind the scenes of NBA front office disputes.

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