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Robert Horry blacked out on a roof while celebrating Lakers three-peat

Which team was Horry's favorite to party with, and what does he think is the secret to hitting shots in the clutch?

While promoting NBA TV's documentary "Clutch City", centering on the Houston Rockets' back-to-back NBA championships that gave him the first two of his seven championship rings, former Los Angeles Lakers forward Robert Horry participated in a video interview with Complex magazine.

When asked which of his team's was the best to celebrate a championship with, Horry picked the Lakers:

"[Laughs] It definitely wasn't the Spurs!... I would have to say the Lakers because you [have to] remember, we was in L.A., with the stars, you had so many outlets to party, and I think partying there, I remember that one time we had a party on the roof there after we won the third championship, and I don't even remember leaving the roof! We just had so much good times, man, a lot of drinking, a lot of enjoying yourself, and to be able to meet, you know, all these celebrities, that you don't get a chance to meet, but to have them come out and celebrate with you is special."

The chance to party with celebrities has always been said to be part of the unique mystique of playing for the Lakers, a benefit which Horry confirms here. Blacking out on a roof and not remembering how you got off said roof sounds a little terrifying, but it also means it is entirely possible that Horry can fly. We at least can't rule it out.

Also, obligatory The Hangover photoshop for this story (via Drew):


Other than his possible ability to fly, the superpower Horry is best know for is his clutch shot making, earning him the nickname "Big Shot Rob." What would Horry say is the secret behind his success at canning shots when the game is on the line?

"This is going to sound weird, but it's because I don't care. Because I've been in the gym a million times, I shot that shot a thousand and one times, and you go out there and you just shoot it. You can't have a fear of missing, you can't have a fear of making it... the end of a game shot, it's just like the first game shot, it's just you take it with confidence of any shot you have ever taken before."

It sounds like Horry shares a similar philosophy on shooting to Kobe BryantBoth of them know that sometimes you just have to #letitfly.

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