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Dwight Howard returns to Lakers' practice facility

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The Rockets are borrowing the Lakers' practice facility, and Dwight Howard is back at his old stomping grounds.

If you had a bet that Dwight Howard would never return to the Lakers' practice facility after departing for the Houston Rockets in free agency it is time to pay whatever weird friend you made that bet with. The former Lakers and Orlando Magic center re-appeared at the Lakers' facility in El Segundo for a Rockets' practice while they are in LA to play the Clippers in the Western Conference semifinals:

One thing Lakers fans have quickly learned from the team being out of the playoffs is that everyone uses your stuff while they continue on in the postseason, first with Steve Ballmer turning their locker room into an "ownership lounge", and now the Rockets are using their practice gym. At this rate, the Rockets are going to borrow those old "Stay Dwight" billboards just to remind Howard where their team hotel is.