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Shaqtin' a Fool: Watch Shaq hit the deck on live television

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Shaquille O'Neal is an entertainer first and foremost these days, which is how he earns his keep on TNT. Wednesday night it was time for him to make the Shaqtin' a Fool reel, hitting the floor harder than his free-throws clanged off the rim:

Shaq falling will always be a thing if only because he's a seven-footer and one of the most dominant forces to ever play basketball. Our friends at SB Nation decided to go LONG with their photoshop work following the minor earthquake on the TNT set. Check out the stream of photoshops, and enjoy a few handpicked favorites:


Coincidentally, Shaq wasn't the only thing dropping to the ground. His pants, while wearing a turkey suit, decided they'd join in:

Yes, it was an eventful night of playoff basketball.