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Mitch Kupchak pops a bottle of champagne open to celebrate the Lakers winning the No. 2 pick

Mitch Kupchak was ready to pop bottles when the Lakers made a big leap in the NBA Draft lottery.

The Los Angeles Lakers are in full celebration mode after winning the No. 2 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft following a stressful build up. The Lakers' war room gathered to gaze upon their future, and the social media team was sure to capture Lakers general managers reaction on hearing the news. Popping bottles, he was:

Oh yeah, the second pick of the draft is DEFINITELY okay in this case, Mitch. The wave of relief he must be feeling now that he has an incredibly valuable draft pick in hand has to be euphoric. Enjoy the champagne, and here's to many more moments worth celebrating with some bubbly in the future that involve championships, not ping pong balls.

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