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The top 5 Los Angeles Lakers stories of the week

Kevin Love's season ended early, and there's speculation the Lakers could be a destination for the power forward.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kevin Love suffered a season-ending shoulder injury against the Boston Celtics, ending his first year with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Love has a player option this summer and is expected to exercise it. If he does there's a "great possibility" the Los Angeles Lakers will be in the running for his services, according to Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report. With Love and Rajon Rondo rumors already in the air, it could be an interesting summer in Los Angeles.

2. The initial rush of Rondo rumors has just about passed, with the final word being that the Lakers have "higher priorities" than the suddenly-maligned point guard. It sounds like the front office doesn't want to commit big money to him, which makes sense, but once available players start coming off the market we'll see what happens.

3. One of the reasons bringing Rondo is questionable for the Lakers is the play of Jordan Clarkson. Andrew Wiggins ran away with Rookie of the Year, but the second-round pick Mitch Kupchak traded into the draft for finished in seventh place. Congratulations again to him one of the most exciting rookie season in modern Lakers history.

4. Clarkson was unquestionably the best thing about the Lakers' season, but what comes next? It's hard to frame expectations on how Jordan will follow up being a diamond in the coal mine.

5. Jeremy Lin probably won't return to the Lakers, but he should find a new home in the NBA without a problem. Even in a down year he proved he's a capable rotation player who should continue logging meaningful minutes.

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