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Jeanie Buss says the Lakers season makes her "uncomfortable"

The 2014-15 Lakers season has not been fun for anyone, Jeanie Buss included.

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The Lakers are on track to miss the playoffs for the second consecutive season. Ratings have declined, and losses have piled up at a historic rate. It has been the exact opposite of a certain infamous Sports Illustrated cover, this season has not been fun.

Lakers owner and president Jeanie Buss has not been enjoying herself either. Speaking to Thomas Golianopoulos of Grantland, Buss elaborated on her feelings about the Lakers season:

I ask if this season has been exhausting and demoralizing. "Yeah," Buss sighs. "This is uncharted territory. Things like this make me uncomfortable."

This is an understandable feeling, especially when according to that same Grantland profile, "Local TV ratings fell 49 percent for the 2013-14 season. As of February 2015, they were down 25 percent from that point last season", but, "Contrary to reports, Jeanie Buss says the money from the Time Warner deal is set, guaranteed regardless of ratings."

Also of note, Buss gave here opinion of the Lakers somewhat infamous post- victory over the Celtics celebration:

Buss thought this recent postgame celebration was charming and endearing. She saw teammates connecting in a way that breeds camaraderie. It made her hopeful that the youngsters on the roster will develop together as part of the Lakers' future.

With the way Jordan Clarkson is developing, some of these "youngsters" do look worthy of retaining. However:

"It's really hard to be connected to guys on one-year contracts," Buss says. Bryant, Randle, Young, and Ryan Kelly are the only Lakers with guaranteed deals for next season. "You have Jodie Meeks, who was great for us last year, but now he's on another team. I'm going to get attached to a group of guys, then it's like, Are they even going to be here next year? That's the hard part for me. That's good that I'm not part of the basketball side, because when they are on our team, they are our guys."

Getting attached to players is a nice sentiment, but would make it more difficult to trade or let them go, something necessary of any good personnel boss, which is something for those clamoring for Jeanie to replace Jim Buss on the basketball operations side should keep in mind.

Perhaps most importantly, Jeanie answered the question we have all been waiting on pins and needles for her answer to: DC or Marvel?

While her brothers all read Marvel books, Buss was a DC fanatic — Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Batman were her favorites. She loved when comics explored the relationship between heroes and villains, archenemies such as Superman and Lex Luthor. She's even a Smallville buff.

Sounds like if Jeanie and Jim ever do throw down like so many talk radio shouters have been clamoring for, we may have a DC vs. Marvel sequel on our hands.

Go read the whole thing for a window into the inner workings of the Lakers.

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