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Julius Randle: Kentucky could "absolutely not" beat the Lakers

The Wildcat alumnus is realistic about the chances his former team would have against his current one.

Lakers forward Julius Randle made an appearance on ESPN's Sportsnation today, and was asked if (given the Lakers poor record this year) this year's Wildcats team that nearly went undefeated would have a chance to beat them.

After initially saying "Absolutely" Randle could not keep a straight face and revealed he was kidding, going on to say "Absolutely not... you are talking about professional athletes" whose sole job is to focus on basketball, without any classes to worry about.

The good news is that Randle's leg injury did not extend to his brain, as the rookie did not want to encourage the tiresome debate that seems to crop up every year around March Madness time about "could [good college team] beat [bad NBA team]?"

Randle was also asked about Kevin Durant's "Hell no" answer to if he would watch the playoffs this season even though his Oklahoma City Thunder did not make the postseason. Randle seemed to understand where Durant was coming from, but said "If there is an NBA game on and I have chance to I want to watch it."

Randle was also asked for his pick in the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, and he picked Mayweather. To end the show, he was asked to punch a punching bag for some reason:

The vine cuts off, but for what it's worth Randle's score of 804 beat guest host [and former Clipper] Corey Maggette's 784, so Lakers > Clippers, obviously.

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