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Top 5 Los Angeles Lakers stories of the week

The Lakers' franchise-worst season ended with a loss. Here's what's been buzzing around the team as they transition into a long summer.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Los Angeles Lakers wrapped up a franchise-worst season on Wednesday. How did they get here? Who's to blame? Just how hilariously bad was it at times? Don't miss the Lakers' tank season in review, featuring a hilarious video you have to see to believe and much more.

2. Speaking of season reviews, our staff discussed how disappointing the season was, what went wrong, and whether or not there's reason for optimism next year. Before we move on we must reflect on the past!

3. With the season over came exit interviews, and Carlos Boozer stole the show here. Not only did he show up wearing a HOLDAT shirt, he went on to explain what HOLDAT really means. There is no higher note for Carlos to end on. Thanks for the fun this year!

4. A  player who DIDN'T give fans or the team fun, though? Nick Young. His production was down, his smiles were few and far between and he publicly clashed with Byron Scott throughout the season. Maybe they'll get on the same page again, but the Lakers are reportedly ready to trade Swaggy P this summer. The end could be near for his time in the purple and gold.

5. If you're a dreamer then Russell Westbrook gushing about Kobe Bryant should have you on cloud nine. Kobe initially defended Westbrook after his 54-point, 43-shot night, and Russell took notice. There's no question these two love lobbing compliments back and forth. #FutureLaker? Please?

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