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Kobe Bryant defends Russell Westbrook's high-volume career night

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Kobe Bryant will take every opportunity he can to gush about Russell Westbrook and it's pretty awesome.

Kobe Bryant has never been shy about his admiration of Russell Westbrook, so he took to Twitter to send off a meme he created that poked fun at anyone poking fun at Bestrook's career-high 54 points on 43 field goal attempts:

Ah yes, Kobe defending a player for who went 21-of-43 from the field. Truth be told, it was an amazing effort from Westbrook and any time a player drops 50-plus points it's worth getting hyped about. The most incredible thing might be the fact that Russell's big game actually got the Black Mamba to create a meme for some good old fashioned #SocialMediaBranding.

Kobe's been damn good at Twitter since he joined it, though, and this one goes up on the shelf of classics hes blessed the Internet with. Also, for those wondering, it took Kobe just three more shots (46) to reach the 81-point mark. Better luck next time, Russ.