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The top 5 Los Angeles Lakers stories of the week

Bryon Scott's become the center of attention for the Lakers for all of the wrong reasons.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Los Angeles Lakers have locked in a top-four NBA Draft lottery chance, clinching their draft position with a loss to the Denver Nuggets. Head Coach Byron Scott has struggle in a variety of ways all season, earning himself the title Tank Commander for the Lakers' franchise-worst season.

2. Since we're talking about Scott, he hasn't exactly formed a bond with his players. Instead, he's continue to antagonize a battered, beaten and defeated Lakers squad. Byron's "foxhole" comments about his own players shooting him in the back is one of the strangest and worst things he's said all season.

3. Oh, and he also fined Nick Young for being late. The Scott-Swaggy relationship has been rocky-at-best most of the season, so add this to the collection of shots Byron has taken at Nick. On that same note, maybe don't be late, Nick.

4. The highlight of the week for the Lakers might be this filthy ankle breaker from Dwight Buycks. Sure, it was in a meaningless, ugly loss, but WOOOO BOY did he send Gary Harris shattering to the ground.

5. With the playoffs on the horizon and the Lakers headed to an early vacation, who are you rooting for, if anyone? Our community is HEAVILY leaning toward Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, but there are plenty of interesting teams to invest even a little fandom into during the postseason.

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