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Julius Randle: "I have spent countless hours watching and talking about basketball with Kobe"

In his Cauldron debut, Julius Randle writes about one and done college players, his rehab, and Kobe Bryant

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Julius Randle wrote his debut piece for The Cauldron this morning, and in addition to expounding upon the state of the college game and the decision faced by players to go "one and done", he also revealed "since last summer, I have spent countless hours watching and talking about basketball with Kobe." There are surely not many better players in the league for Randle to be watching film with than Bryant, a notorious film addict.

Randle also had an update on the progress of his rehabilitation from his broken leg:

"Just about five months to the day since my injury occurred, I am back on the court — on a non-contact basis for now — practicing with my Lakers. The leg feels great, and even though I was extremely anxious during the earliest stages of the rehab period, I never let doubts take seed in my mind. I never wavered or lost confidence."

Randle also revealed how Bryant has aided him through his lengthy rehab:

I owe that mindset largely to Kobe. There he was, one of the greatest players of all time, one of the most recognizable athletes on the planet — and the guy who was my boyhood idol — and he's calling and texting me on the night I got hurt, and in the days afterward. "This is no time for a pity party," he said. "Your recovery starts NOW."

That's the thing about No. 24: When he says something, you listen. And you believe him.

Hearing that Bryant has played such a large role in grooming a player who is the franchise's hoped for successor has to be encouraging for Lakers fans in a season in which the team will lose the most games in its storied history. It also sounds as though Randle's rehab is coming along well, and he will be ready for summer league.

Go give Randle's whole essay a look, it is worth a read.