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The Lakers should draft Matt Stainbrook with their 2nd-round pick

Matt Stainbrook has planted his footprint on America, now it's time to think about welcoming him into the hearts of Laker-land. I'm starting the necessary and proper campaign for the Lakers to take Matt Stainbrook with a second round pick in the 2015 NBA Draft.

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Editor's note: Please welcome Tucker Tashjian to our team here at Silver Screen & Roll. He has plenty of experience working behind the scenes in this "industry" and is looking for an audience to build up his writing resume. I'm very excited to provide a platform for his talent, and he should round out our writing roster until further notice. Give him a warm welcome, and perhaps buy a few tickets to the Stain-Train with him. - Drew

If you've been watching the NCAA tournament -- as a Lakers fan you better be because we have tons of draft implications going on here -- then it's impossible for you to have missed Matt Stainbrook. Say you haven't watched the tournament as closely as you should, then you have probably seen/heard his name come up on the internet or over the radio waves.

Don't let Stainbrook's physical appearance fool you, dude can ball. He plays the game the right way, like a savvy veteran who's been in the league for a decade. Come to think of it, he kind of plays like an old Laker legend, Kurt Rambis!

His resemblance to Kurt Rambis is uncanny. The hair, the style of play and of course, the goggles. I believe that Stainbrook would be an instant fan favorite among fans both young and old.

Stainbrook is a big boy -- 6'10 and 260-plus lbs not counting how much his goggles weigh. His game accentuates his inside presence around the basket. He consistently scores inside and out, utilizing his strong footwork and post-moves. He has a little runner/floater shot that he takes coming off the screen-and-roll. He has some range for a jumper coming off a pick-and-pop. He's got a knack for getting rebounds on both ends of the floor and when he commands a double team he welcomes it by scoring through the two defenders or finding an open teammate nearby.

Stainbrook plays for Xavier University Musketeers. who had a strong season before ultimately being eliminated Thursday night in the Sweet Sixteen against Arizona, bear down. Leading his team with 17 points and 10 rebounds, Stainbrook plays at his best when it matters the most. His best scoring performance of the season came against Creighton in the Big East conference tournament:

And the STAINTRAIN didn't stop there, continuing his strong play in the conference tournament against Georgetown:

(BONUS: Gus Johnson on the call, can it get any better?!)

He's extremely un-intimadating on the floor. If you saw him playing at a local park you still may not think much of him until he's actually in action. But that's where his appeal comes from, like Gus said in the Georgetown call he mentions keywords about Stainbrook's play: tricky, old-school, and my favorite, YMCA!

Maybe I am exaggerating or getting a little out of hand here, but I think Stainbrook could be compared to a bankrupt man's Zach Randolph. Z-Bo is a thick man, he's consistently grinding away down low getting offensive rebounds and chucking them back up, just like Stainbrook. They both lack athleticism, they both play with their back to the basket, and both can nail the midrange jumper. Maybe I lost you there and Big Baby Glen Davis might be a better comparison .... but Stainbrook has a nasty hook shot, reminiscent of our boy, RAMBIS! HE DOES IT ALL!

Off the court, Stainbrook recently made headlines for being an Uber driver. Not only does the guy look and play like a middle-aged man, but he also drives like one, his car is a 2004 Buick Rendezvous. Fantastic car, even better commercial!

Look at the personality on Tiger!

Stainbrook has everything you want from your backup 4/5: Size, strength, unselfishness, his intangibles are through the roof, high motor, and I'm sure he would be a great locker room guy. By no means would Stainbrook individually vault the Lakers into a title contender, but I think he could be a solid role player for the team next season and could step in as their next development big man. That's why I think it's imperative that Mitch takes a chance on him with the team's second-round pick, or if the train runs out of steam and falls out of the draft than sign that man to the D-Fenders. Think about some of the great second round picks of all-time: Jordan Clarkson (hoping), Gilbert Arenas, Marc Gasol, Manu Ginobili, Nate Archibald, and Matthew Stainbrook.

All aboard the Stain-Train!