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Jabari Brown to Sign Second 10-Day Contract

The rookie himself broke the news after Thursday's loss to the Jazz.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

March Madness is underway, and in the collegiate spirit of the season, the Lakers will be re-uniting Jordan Clarkson with his Mizzou backcourt mate and roommate Jabari Brown. The team will sign Brown to a second 10-day contract on Saturday, according to an LA Times report.

Brown showed flashes of competent play over his previous 10-day contract. Given his affordability (his new contract will only set the Lakers back a paltry $29,843) and youth, there is very little if any potential downside to bringing the 22 year old back swingman on a second tour of duty.

As Eric Pincus notes, Brown is only eligible to sign one more 10-day contract with the Lakers. After that, the front office will have to decide if he is worth signing to a guaranteed deal to finish out the season. The D-League's leading scorer has averaged 7 points on 4.8 field goal attempts per game in 20 minutes per game.