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Jeremy Lin Has Discussed Turnovers More with Personal Trainer than Byron Scott

Jeremy Lin and Byron Scott, for approximately the 459th time this season, have a public difference of opinion on Lin's play.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Lin and Byron Scott have seemingly been in a constant state of disagreement this season, with the most recent example coming in the aftermath of Monday night's loss to the Golden State Warriors, a game in which Lin was benched late for committing two turnovers in the fourth quarter.

As transcribed by Mark Medina, Scott said of Lin's late game decision making:

"I don't know how you get out of making bad decisions. All we can continue to do is point them out to him, watch film and have him just learn from those experiences in making those bad decisions."

According to Lin, Scott cannot "continue" to point out his turnovers to him because he has yet to point them out the first time:

"I haven't talked to him about the turnovers," Lin said of Scott. "He hasn't given me feedback on what he wants me to do to be better."

For those hoping the relationship between Lin and Scott might be defrosting with news that Lin would start the final 10 games of the season, such an assumption would appear to be premature, with Lin going on to tell reporters:

...[Lin] has spent more time analyzing his ball-handling issues with his personal trainer. Lin reported his trainer offered him comprehensive feedback after watching film of every single one of Lin's 123 turnovers he committed this season leading into the NBA All-Star break...

Well then. A player telling the media they have spend more time with their personal trainer than with the coaching staff is probably not an indicator of a healthy dynamic in the locker room. Luckily for Lin and Scott, if there is tension between the two, there are only 16 more games left to go.