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Nick Young goes sneaker shopping with 2 Chainz

Lakers headlines are in off-season mode already.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

For you sneaker-heads, Nick Young fanatics, or just people who like headlines that sound like mad libs: Nick Young went sneaker shopping with rapper 2 Chainz for a GQ video. (Some NSFW language at the end)

You can't even make this stuff up with Swaggy anymore. Rejected video ideas included:

  • Ryan Kelly Goes Jacket Shopping with Dr. Dre
  • Byron Scott Goes Watch Shopping with Wiz Khalifa
  • Little Swaggy P and Little Chris Paul Go Candy Shopping
  • Daryl Morey Teaches Charles Barkley How to Use a Calculator
The Atlanta Hawks are recruiting 2 Chainz. Could this mean the Lakers want him too?