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Steve Nash postponed his retirement so the Lakers could try to trade him

According to a report, Steve Nash attempted to help the Lakers by letting them trade him for something of value.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Nash was declared out for the season in October. According to Kevin Ding's most recent column, Nash did not retire in hopes that the team could trade him for something of value before the trade deadline:

The Lakers asked Nash not to announce anything, according to team sources. They hoped they could trade Nash's $9.7 million salary, not only an expiring contract but also a giant coupon for another club to take and immediately save real dollars via insurance, to get a building block for the Lakers' future.

The Lakers were unable to do so, with very little if any rumors regarding Nash being on the move around the trade deadline.  This report also explains why despite public cries for him to do so, he has not spent much time around the team this season.

Recently Nash, who ranks third all-time in assists in NBA history,  has spent some time tutoring Lakers' rookie point guard Jordan Clarkson. If passes like these are any indication, Nash has contributed something to the Lakers' future.