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Update: Ish Smith Claims "Lakers" Tweet was a Hack

Could he be part of a larger deal?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Smith is now using the go to celebrity excuse of claiming to be "hacked". We will keep you posted as this develops.

In an interesting bit of news that has not gotten a lot of attention yet, Oklahoma City guard Ish Smith tweeted, then deleted that he was headed to the Lakers (hat tip to the Lake Show Life for catching this):

Well that is interesting indeed. It is unlikely that Smith would be headed to the Lakers on his own, and is not even trade eligible until Friday (the possible reason for the quick deletion of this tweet). Could this be the much talked about Jordan Hill trade? We will likely have to wait until Friday to find out if there is any substance to this rumor, but for now it is a fascinating discussion point. Stay tuned to Silver Screen and Roll for further updates.

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