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Julius Randle has been studying film and taking notes for the Lakers

Julius Randle has been studying the game of basketball while he's been out.

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Julius Randle may be out of action, but he's still engaged in the Los Angeles Lakers' season. Randle recently spoke with Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report and detailed the kind of work he's done under the guidance of general manager Mitch Kupchak while he recovers from his broken leg.

What he revealed is akin to birds singing a beautiful tune to Lakers fans ears. Randle has spent the time watching more NBA action than he ever has in his life, keeping himself occupied with league pass. Taking the time to study the Lakers and rest of the league is something Julius can use to his advantage when he gets another shot at starting his career in purple and gold.

Kupchak and Randle developed a relationship through this, as Mitch had Randle turn in game-by-game written reports on what he saw on the floor for the Lakers. Julius has even taken it a step further, making his own personal notebook of observations, reports Ding:

Randle no longer has to email his papers in to Professor Kupchak, but Randle has taken the work to his own higher level. He now keeps a personal notebook of observations, primarily scouting points he notices about other power forwards, while he watches more NBA games than probably any player on any roster in the league.

"I just sit there and watch games all day. I don't have anything else to do but sit there and watch games," he said, chuckling. "League Pass is on all day, so you can watch games all day.

"I've watched a lot of basketball, but never this much NBA basketball. You see the pace of play, the flow of the game. Put yourself in positions that you can be in the game. It helps you mentally be prepared to know what to do when you are out there."

Film study is a good way to get ahead and comfortable with NBA-level offenses and defenses. Being a student of the game, especially while he's sidelined, is a great look for the rookie. That he's also creating a relationship with Kupchak -- one on the details of the game -- is another hopeful sign for Lakers fans.

Be sure to check out the full feature from Kevin Ding, which features plenty of more good details on what Randle's up to, including details on his rehab process (he's hoping to be cleared to run on a gravity treadmill on Feb. 2). Julius' recovery has gone without any reported hitches, and he's saying and doing all the right things leading up to his return to the court.

And, should you ever need a place to serve your writing itch, Julius, we've got a blog that'd love to have your game reports. Just floating it out there!

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