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Lakers trade rumors: Suns asked Lakers to take protection off '15 NBA draft pick

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Phoenix, you're crazy.

The Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers have clearly engaged on Goran Dragic trade discussions. But this. This is something:

We're talking about Goran Dragic heading into unrestricted free agency while losing a shot at a top-five player this summer. There's no world the Lakers should ever even entertain that thought, but here's a list of things Mitch could have countered with.

- Throw in a time machine.

- Eric Bledsoe too, while you're at it.

- Training staff? Yep, clean out your lockers everyone, you're moving to Los Angeles.

- Also, we're taking our pick back, that'll cover our counter demands.

- The gorilla too. We'll take the gorilla.


Photo credit: Jennifer Stewart, USA TODAY Sports