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NBA trade rumor: Lakers interested in Goran Dragic, according to report

The Lakers are interested in Goran Dragic, but does that make sense?

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The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to inquire about soon-to-be unrestricted free agent Goran Dragic leading up to the trade deadline, reports Marc Stein of ESPN. Dragic has been a target on the Lakers radar for some time, and reports indicate the Phoenix Suns might be willing to part ways with the guard at the price of a first-round draft pick.

Stein also revealed the current feeling is the Lakers will offer Dragic a contract in the range of four years, $80 million. That's a massive investment in a 28-year-old point guard who's numbers have dropped back closer to his career averages after he put up a huge year in '13-14.

Signing Dragic would definitely give the Lakers an upgrade at point guard, but at the cost of a first (likely Houston's '15 first-round pick in this scenario) it seems like a wash of a move. That's without considering two of the arguably top-five players are point guards (Emmanuel Mudiay, D'Angelo Russell), and that Mudiay is reportedly at the top of the Lakers' draft board along with Jahlil Okafor.

On the other hand, this quote from Suns general manager Ryan McDonough reveals the team is interested in frontcourt talent, via Stein:

"I think our roster balance is a little off and that's my fault," Suns GM Ryan McDonough told 98.7 FM in Phoenix this week. "We are a little too backcourt-heavy, especially in terms of guys who, you know, I think you'd define primarily as scorers in the backcourt.

"So I think at some point we'll need to balance that out, try to get a little more size, a little more frontcourt scoring and rebounding."

The Suns and Lakers did engage trade discussions surrounding Jordan Hill around the trade deadline last season, but ultimately nothing came of it. Phoenix is still in need of frontcourt help, while the Lakers are overstocked in their frontcourt. Perhaps this can turn into a three-team affair that gives the Lakers a chance to land an asset that isn't Dragic?

This is a rumor that makes sense, at least on exploratory levels, but seems like an odd fit for the Lakers' current direction. The Houston Rockets are another team expected to engage on Dragic, but the market for a veteran point guard that's played well over the last few seasons will be hot as teams try to reload for what looks like a wide-open run to the NBA Finals. Dragic may be one of the best point guards or even players on the move by Feb. 19.

What do you think about the potential of a Goran Dragic trade? Should the Lakers try to land the point guard with expectations of re-signing him, or should they try to leverage their way into another asset?

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