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Kobe Bryant beautifully describes what he will miss most about basketball

It's not a poem, but it is a love letter.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

One would be forgiven for thinking that Kobe Bryant's poem saying goodbye to basketball on the Player's Tribunewould be the most eloquent he would get about the game, but that person also might be wrong. Kobe told Serena Winters of Lakers Nation what he was going to miss most about basketball, and anyone who has ever played and loved the game can relate to his answer.

"Aside from like the camaraderie and competition and putting puzzles together, just the basic elements of the game," Bryant said, before describing the specific things he meant. "The smell of the ball, the sound of the ball bouncing, the squeak of the sneakers, the little buzz of the lights that you hear in the arena when nobody's around, just constant humming. The sound of the net, all those little geeky things. I'll miss all of it."

Bryant may be hanging up his own sneakers, but even if it won't be the same, he could still stay around the game. Bryant voiced an interest in potentially owning a team one day, and he is on his way to having the financial means to do so; as according to Forbes Bryant's $680 million in career earnings is the most by any athlete ever in a team sport. Even without an ownership stake, Bryant will surely be welcome to attend as many Lakers games as he pleases over his retirement. He may not be playing anymore, but basketball will always be there for Kobe Bryant.

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