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2015 was pretty good to Larry Nance, Jr.

Nance, Jr. looks back on the year that was.

At the beginning of every new year, a lot of people like to take stock of the year that was and then look forward to the days ahead. Some people like to set goals for themselves for the year, like eating a little healthier, improving a bit in school, or to not tweet when angry. A very select few people who do this for the year 2015 will look back and realize that their year was better than Larry Nance, Jr.'s.

Nance, Jr. is now starting at power forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, averaging a nice 6.9 points and 5 rebounds on 55.8% shooting since moving into the starting lineup. This move came after the life altering news that he had been drafted in the 2015 NBA Draft, and to put a couple of cherries on top he also graduated college and participated in the NCAA tournament in 2015. Nance, Jr. took time to reflect on the year that was in his latest Instagram post:

That is a pretty great list, albeit an incomplete one. Nance, Jr. also had set one other notable goal in 2015 that he forgot to mention:

It did not take Nance, Jr. long to fulfill the above guarantee to dunk on someone, the springy rookie accomplished it in just his fourth preseason game to organize Festus Ezeli's funeral:

However the year was not without at least one very notable mishap:

Happy New Year to all from Silver Screen and Roll. May we all figuratively dunk on our own Festus Ezelis in 2016.

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