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James Worthy lost his mind on the Lakers postgame show

Studio laps, trash talk, and more from Big Game James.

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a long and storied rivalry with the Boston Celtics essentially going back to the beginning of both franchises. After a brief period of cooling, the rivalry was reignited when the Los Angeles Lakers were rebuilt around Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and "Big Game" James Worthy as the "Showtime" Lakers did battle accross multiple NBA Finals with Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and the rest of the 1980's Celtics in some of the most competitive basketball the league has ever seen.

Worthy is now an analyst for Time Warner Cable Sportsnet, but he still bleeds Lakers blood through and through. This is always easy to see after wins and losses, but was especially obvious after the Lakers beat the hated Celtics 112-104 on Wednesday night in Kobe Bryant's final game in Boston, as Worthy lost his mind celebrating on the postgame show.

First, Worthy decided to take a lap around the studio because there is no better time to get your cardio in then while you are on the air:

Then he needed an oxygen mask to catch his breath, because again, it's not like he was on live TV or anything:

After finally catching his breath, he had some groundbreaking analysis about which specific ass the Lakers had to get in order to win their sixth game of the season:

Finally, Worthy had a message for Celtics legend Larry Bird:

Covering a six-win team he loves so much can't be easy for Worthy, so it's nice (not to mention hilarious) to see him get to enjoy the purple and gold for a night.

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