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Everyone was in awe of Kobe Bryant's dunk on Clint Capela

Kobe's athletic display had everyone talking.

The best moment from the Los Angeles Lakers' 107-87 loss to the Houston Rockets was Kobe Bryant turning back the clock by posterizing Father Time Clint Capela. No one was more shocked than Kobe himself:

Capela himself tweeted what Bryant told him after making him the latest victim in a career that has included it's share of posters:

Capela and Bryant weren't the only one surprised by the 37-year old's vicious vertical display:

Okay so that last one is from the movie Dodgeball, but you get the point. Although Pepper Brooks would have made a more entertaining analyst for the Lakers' most recent contest than Reggie Miller.

For one more reaction, we go to Kobe's new best buddy Dwight Howard, who (shockingly) related the dunk back to himself:

Well Dwight, since you asked so nicely:

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