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Lou Williams attempted to kidnap D'Angelo Russell on live TV

Look out behind you D'Angelo!!

Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard D'Angelo Russell scored 19 points to go with 7 assists off of the bench in the Lakers' victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, and by virtue of his performance was chosen for a postgame interview with Mike Trudell. Russell was innocently minding his own business when disaster nearly struck: Lou Williams, likely emboldened by stealing Russell's spot in the starting lineup, decided to attempt to kidnap Russell on live TV:

Nooooooooooo D'Angelo you were just starting to play so well! Look at the terror on the poor 19-year old's face when he realizes not ever Trudell can save him now:

That is the face of a man who knows there is no hope.

Luckily, Lou realized that maybe live TV was not the best place to stage his daring rookie-napping, and let Russell finish his interview. Next time Russell may not be lucky enough to have cameras around. The Lakers should probably hire a security team just in case.

Here is the full interview/evidence, courtesy of Time Warner Cable Sportsnet.

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