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Lakers Highlights: Nick Young gets his first ever assist to Kobe Bryant

It finally happened!

When Nick Young returned to his hometown of Los Angeles to play for the Lakers, one of the things on his list of reasons was the chance to play with Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. While injuries have kept the two from overlapping on the court a tremendous amount, one of the more shocking (and hilarious) statistics to come out of their time together was that in his third year with the Lakers, Young still had yet to assist on even one single Bryant basket.

In the Lakers' loss to the Houston Rockets on Saturday night, that all changed. With four minutes and fifty seconds left in the second quarter, and after 451 minutes of playing alongside one another according to Tom Haberstroh of ESPN, Young finally recorded his first assist to Bryant on a fastbreak three-pointer. Fittingly, and presumably in honor of the occassion, it was Young's only assist of the night:

I guess we know the "P" in Swaggy P doesn't stand for "passing to Kobe," but it was pretty cool to see it happen once. Dreams really do come true.

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