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Jordan Clarkson shares awesome childhood photo of when he met Tim Duncan and David Robinson

This is pretty cool

The city of San Antonio holds a special place in the heart of Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson. Not only did Clarkson get his first start as a rookie last season in San Antonio against the Spurs, but Clarkson also grew up in the immediate area. The Lakers play against the Spurs on Friday, and for a #ThrowBackThursday post on Twitter, Clarkson recalled the first time he met the man who will be one of his opponents in that game, Spurs forward Tim Duncan, as well as Duncan's former teammate and NBA legend David Robinson:

If Tim Duncan were not a basketball playing cyborg, I would suggest the Lakers attempt a little gamesmanship and try  to make him feel old by showing him this photo right before tip off tomorrow night. But given that Duncan's expression has not changed since that photo was taken, I think this would be unlikely to phase him.

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