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Charles Barkley says the Lakers might be better than the Clippers

Sir Charles has opinions about the state of basketball in the state of California

Charles Barkley became one of America's most watched basketball pundits on TNT's Inside the NBA for his complete lack of filter. Love him or hate him, the former "Round Mound of Rebound" does not hold back when assessing players, teams, the league as a whole, or really any subject.

"Not holding back," however, is not the same as "being right." In the case of his latest opinion (barring a major injury), the rest of the season is likely going to prove Barkley very, very, very wrong (h/t Rob Perez of the Big Lead):

This is a Lakers fan site, but even most of our readers would not go that far, Chuck. The Lakers are sitting at 2-11, and while the Clippers have disappointed relative to their preseason expectations with a record of 6-7, there is almost no metric that would say they are not a wildly better team than the current edition of the Lakers.

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