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Kobe Bryant enjoys teaching the younger Lakers, more from his 1-on-1 with James Worthy

Two Lakers legends sat down to talk about Kobe's career and the current season.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant sat down the former Los Angeles Lakers forward and current Time Warner Cable Sportsnet analyst James Worthy for a wide-ranging interview where the two discussed everything from which players inspired Kobe to the 37-year old's thoughts on the greatest player of all-time debate. Bryant also described what lessons he is trying to teach the Lakers' younger players.

"It's about tactics," Bryant repeated twice for emphasis. "Don't get emotional about situations. Speak tactically." Bryant then detailed a specific scenario where this would help the very young Lakers. "So if Julius and D'Angelo are having a conversation about something that took place, don't make the conversation about 'you need to get over here. you need to do this that or the other.'" Instead, Bryant would advise them to ask more specific questions to get to the root of the problem."Okay you want the ball in the post. How exactly do you want the ball in the post? How can we get it to you?"

Bryant says this changes the conversation "from problems, to immediately going to problem solving," which is a more productive way for a team to communicate than assigning blame.

Bryant also had some other notable quotes throughout the exchange with Worthy:

Said game also apparently included some "not safe for TV" Chick-isms.

All quotes transcribed via Time Warner Cable Sportsnet

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