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Byron Scott thinks he's in 'The Matrix' when he talks about developing D'Angelo Russell

This doesn't even make sense.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott's handling of rookie D'Angelo Russell has raised questions, and his latest quote only raises those stakes. The Lakers are trying to "accelerate the process" by... taking extra time, he told media before their game against the Orlando Magic:

That doesn't make sense. When you accelerate you go faster, not slower. Unless you're Neo in "The Matrix" and are manipulating time. Then it makes sense, sort of. On another note, Russell wasn't aware as to why he was left out of the fourth quarter of the Lakers' loss to the Heat, but it sounds like Scott didn't think D'Angelo was "prepared" for those minutes yet:

Which is strange, because D'Angelo was playing just fine in third quarter against Miami. He challenged Dragic defensively and even did some good things on offense. We'll see if Russell's minutes or role change against the Orlando Magic, or if it's more of the blue pill.

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