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Lakers vs. Raptors postgame show: Lakers fall to Raptors while Randle, Upshaw show potential

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How did the Lakers look in their return to California? We'll discuss their third preseason game live after it ends!

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Lakers Late Night is back to its regularly scheduled time slot, which means no midnight madness this time around. Anthony Irwin is out for this show, but Ben Rosales and Ryan Kelapire will join me to talk about the Lakers' first outing back in California. We will be talking Julius Randle's continued strong play, Robert Upshaw's promising debut, and more after the Lakers' loss to the Toronto Raptors.

The show will be live in the embedded video player below shortly after the game, and will be archived onto iTunes in the morning. You can subscribe to our  iTunes channel to get all of our podcasts as soon as they're uploaded:

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Host: Harrison Faigen

Guests: Ben RosalesRyan Kelapire