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D'Angelo Russell says his dad is a 'die-hard' Celtics fan

D'Angelo's dad is a what now?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

D'Angelo Russell took a lot of heat from some members of the media and fans alike for his comments on "spoiled" fans of the Los Angeles Lakers when he was apologizing for his tweet implying Tracy McGrady "might have been the GOAT." After recovering nicely from that drama, it seems as though the rookie may have put his foot in his mouth again (via last week's episode of Backstage Lakers on Time Warner Cable Sportsnet):

Russell continued "... so for me to be on that Lakers side, and for me and my brother to get to gang up on my dad is a great feeling."

So Russell's dad is a Celtics fan and he and his brother grew up Lakers fans? No wonder he so easily called Lakers fans spoiled: his dad was probably saying that to D'Angelo and his brother for years when they were arguing over the two teams!

Actually, while some might say this would drop Russell in Byron Scott's "Knows What It Means to be a Lakers" ratings, I think the opposite is true. If Russell and his brother were able to grow up as Lakers fans despite being raised by a "die-hard" fan of the Celtics, he really must have been drawn to the purple and gold.

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